Revolabs Elite™ Wired Microphones: The Embodiment of Form and Function

Last week at Infocomm 2014 in Las Vegas, Nevada, Revolabs announced a new Elite Wired Omnidirectional Microphone and new Elite Wired Omnidirectional Microphone , This is a new product family, separate from Executive Elite wireless microphone systems, which addresses the wired microphone space (80% of all mics). It follows the same industrial design as Executive Elite wireless mics, providing mix-and-match capabilities for a uniform look and superb audio capture performance.

"We created the new Elite Wired Microphones to meet the demand for wired solutions that can leverage today's exciting collaborative communication opportunities," said Tim Root, CTO at Revolabs. "The new mics follow the same engineering philosophy with superior audio quality goals as our award-winning wireless microphones while providing users with mix-and-match capabilities in both function and style. The result is a uniform look across conferencing spaces and superb audio capture performance for environments that may not be ideal for wireless systems."

Multiple colors allow architects, AV consultants, and systems design engineers to coordinate microphone and room décor color palettes. In the past, designers were forced to “mix” different finishes and form factors when deciding on wireless and wired microphone models.  For the first time, room architects/designers can create a coordinated, uniform look in multiple conference spaces, within any work environment.

Here is a video about Elite Wired Microphones shown at Infocomm 2014:

For more information on our Elite Wired Microphones please click here or visit Revolabs’ Knowledge Base.

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