The Top Five Questions Asked Of Revolabs At Infocomm 2014

Did you miss InfoComm 2014? Or maybe you didn’t get a chance to stop by the Revolabs booth? No worries- we’ve got a list of the top five questions we received at the booth. 


1. What types of microphones are available with Executive Elite?

In addition to supporting the same microphone types we had with the HD Executive series – tabletop directional, tabletop omnidirectional, wearable, XLR adapter, and “Countryman adapter” – we now also offer gooseneck microphones for the Executive Elite series. The feedback we got on the style and design of these goosenecks was very positive during Infocomm. If you haven’t seen them yet, ask your reseller to schedule a demonstration. We also changed the “Countryman-adapter” to now support more lavalier microphones from several vendors, and are now calling it the TA4 or mini-XLR adapter. As with the Executive HD series, you can mix and match the microphones to fit your requirements.

2. Tell me more about the new Revolabs Wired Microphones, especially any “gotchas” I should know about. Also, how much do they cost and when can I get my hands on them?

At Infocomm we introduced and showed the new line of Elite Wired Microphones. These microphones are standard 3-wire microphones and plug directly into the audio post-processing equipment like a DSP. The microphones do require phantom power, so be sure that your equipment provides that DC power to the microphone. The Revolabs wired microphones were built for best audio quality, providing top notch signal to noise ratio and dynamic range, while being shielded against RF noise from mobile devices. The planned MSRP of $199 was well received at Infocomm. We expect to start shipping these microphones at the end of Q3. Please email if you’d like to be added to our email list for important updates!

3. What applications are the FLX UC 500 and UC 1000 designed to accommodate? And when are they going to be available?

The FLX UC 500 is a USB Conference phone, designed for huddle rooms, conference rooms, or offices where good audio quality, audio volume, and good audio pick-up is required for your daily use. The UC 500 supports the audio of computer applications like softphones, Skype, GotoMeeting, Google Hangouts, messenger applications, webinars, and other web sharing applications. Its unique design includes two speaker elements to cover the full audio spectrum. The UC 500 includes 4 microphones and the advanced digital signal processing technology like Echo Cancellation and Noise Reduction, and high gain (volume), which together allows for easy plug-and play with standard USB ports on both PC-based and Apple computers.

The FLX UC 1000 includes all of the features of the UC 500, plus it is a full-fledged VoIP Conference phone, with a dialer, allowing one device in a room to be used for your computer and your telephone conference requirements. Of course, audio is mixed inside of the device, to ensure that everybody hears every word.

The FLX UC 500 will be available Q4, and the FLX UC 1000 will be available in Q1 2015.

4. How many hours of talk time do the Executive Elite wireless microphones have?

Revolabs Executive Elite tabletop and gooseneck wireless microphones have 20 hours of talk time, while wearables and adapters have 8 hours of talk time. The “Stand-by” mode in our microphones actually extends the battery life to 72 hours on the tabletop microphones, and 44 hours on the wearable and XLR/mini-XLR. This means that even if users forget to put microphones back onto the charger, the microphones still work days later.

The “Cross-over” adapter allows the microphone to stay fully charged even while the “wireless” microphone is active and used. Cross-over adapters are great for more permanent, table-mounted installations, where power is available but microphone wires are still a challenge. The cross-over adapters also work great with flexible furniture type installations so users can still move the tables and microphones when the room is rearranged for different events.

5. How do you control the muting on the Elite Wired Microphones?

The external DSP (digital signal processing) unit and/or mixer controls muting.

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