Sensory Technologies: The First To Hear The New Executive Elite

On Monday, 1-20-14, Revolabs participated in the Sensory Technologies Annual Meeting and Partner Reception at the NCAA Headquarters in Indianapolis. It was the first time anyone outside of Revolabs has heard Revo's 3rd generation 8 channel wireless microphone system, Executive Elite. Revolabs Field Sales Engineer, Ryan Shannon (based out of Chicago), demonstrated the difference in sound between the 2nd generation (Executive HD) and Elite.

The reactions were consistent. Comments like; "I hear the whole high-end open right up." And "they sound more natural and warm in the low-end." Sensory staff members were also impressed with the remote antenna architecture. With Elite, the antenna can be mounted in the conference room, up to 328 feet away from the 1RU base unit; with nothing but a single CAT6 point to point. It resembles a WAP, comes in all white, and is paintable to match wall or ceiling colors. Mounted inside the antenna is a free dedicated DECT scanner. Elite was designed for remote access, so RF scans and firmware upgrades can be part of a remote monthly service from the reseller.

The excitement peaked at the unveiling of the "Trade-Up Program". Revo will provide up to $1000 credit for an older generation system when traded in for Elite.  Sounds sweet to the ears... and right on budget.

-Ryan Shannon



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