Why 2013 Was Such An Important Year For Revolabs

I can’t believe that January 2014 is already behind us and I’m just getting around to recapping 2013! I typically like to look forward but 2013 was an important year for Revolabs; so at this time, I would like to take a moment and reflect:

At the highest level, we grew the company over 20%, but we also started shipping the IP OEM conference phone announced earlier in the year (http://finance.yahoo.com/news/revolabs-cisco-r-collaborate-development-140000536.html ). This product has a positive revenue impact going forward, but more important to me is this: an unknown company in the table-top conferencing space was chosen by the industry leading IP PBX vendor to provide their next-generation product, and chosen over more established manufacturers with long standing relationships. It says a lot about our technology and innovation!

Some other notable milestones from 2013:

  • FLX 2.1 software shipping
  • FLX sales continue to grow
  • HD Max Secure shipping
  • HD Max Secure won “Most Innovative Audio/Videoconferencing Product Award” from System Contractor News
  • Aastra FLX OEM shipping (http://www.aastrausa.com/2013-press-releases_2735.htm )
  • Introduced the new HD Elite products
  • Introduced the new FLX 1000 & 500 products

 As a company we have grown and matured a really solid team so stay tuned for my 2014 outlook, coming shortly…

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