2014 Will Be A Great Year For Revolabs

Now that we have wrapped up a good 2013 I am very excited about a GREAT 2014! We have some exciting new products going out into the market early this year and I feel they will be of great help to our customers’ ability to communicate. Having just got back from ISE in Amsterdam, I can tell you the response to the new Elite product (third generation of installed wireless microphone system and culmination of 10 years of learning) and the FLX UC500 (USB enterprise quality conference phone) has been overwhelming! Both products will be shipping in the coming months and are demoing now.

With new products coming on the market from other vendors that are designed to address the same issues we’ve been attacking for years, our partners and customers are now able to compare and evaluate the high level of thought, innovation and attention to their needs that we put into all of our products. I appreciate all the positive feedback on what we are doing, in reality we have just been listening and incorporating the thoughts and needs of our partners and customers into the products. Seems simple but it does take a lot of effort, so thanks for all the input, we are listening.

With a host of new products coming out in the first half of 2014 we plan to continue addressing our customer’s audio needs where ever they want to collaborate. We expect another strong growth year in 2014 and will continue to grow the Revolabs team to continue and increase the support of our customers and partners worldwide.

Keep a look out for some announcements mid-year, Infocomm perhaps, about more exciting innovation from Revolabs…                

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