Revolabs’ First Milestone Achieved with Yamaha


Since I joined Revolabs moving from Yamaha, it has taken me three months to get acclimated in facilitating the communication between Revolabs amd Yamaha. Now, I'm proud to announce that our synergy has been made with the addition of the YVC-1000 to Revolabs’ growing product line. The YVC-1000 completes Revolabs’ conferencing suite of products. Here is a link to our recent announcement:

As you may or may not know, Yamaha's Sound & Network department has been in conferencing product business for almost 8 years. So far Yamaha‘s SN department has received excellent market response and developed a strong reputation in Japan but has struggled in overseas markets in the past. Revolabs has core strengths in global brand and product recognition, reputation, market share, presence in the conferencing industry, and strong sales channels in North America and Europe.

After the acquisition in March 2014, it was a natural idea that Yamaha should utilize Revolabs’ sales channels in North America and Europe. Coincidentally, Revolabs has just started shipping the FLX™ UC 500 USB Conference Phone, which covers offices and huddle rooms to medium sized conference rooms. With the YVC-1000 UC Microphone and Speaker System suited for medium to large conference rooms to classrooms, Revolabs has a complete suite of conference audio products to cover all conference room sizes with best in class sound quality.


I'm hoping that sooner or later when you are in a meeting, you too can experience the sound quality of Revolabs or Yamaha equipment in your conference room.

So what's next? I can't tell you yet, but I can assure you that we have more product news coming soon...

Nick Emoto, Revolabs VP of Business Strategy

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