Revolabs Marketing Roles and Goals

I’m the new guy at Revolabs responsible for all marketing efforts. I happen to arrive at a very exciting time in Revolabs’ history as we launch new products and address new markets. Mary Mathis has done a fine job running channel marketing, and she remains in that role, planning shows and events, coordinating work with our PR firm, and supporting our sales teams and channel partners.

So what will I be doing at Revolabs as the new guy?  Marketing’s main three goals for 2014 are:

1.    Fully Support the Production Launch of Executive Elite

The Executive Elite was announced at InfoComm 2013, and we foresee a full production release of this third-generation wireless microphone system by January 2014. Customers will see the shipped version at ISE 2014, and marketing is busy generating sales collateral (datasheets, sales tools, etc.), defining promotions with sales, and working with the media to provide extensive coverage for this exciting new product.

2.    Execute a Comprehensive and Successful Product Launch of the FLX UC 500

You might ask: “Why not just lump this in with the Executive Elite product launch?” Well, this product really is a different animal for Revolabs. You may have heard of our development with Cisco on the new 8831 phone, where we displaced Polycom as the supplier for Cisco’s conference phones. We’ve taken that expertise and designed the UC 500 as a USB bidirectional audio device. What’s so nice is that this is the first solution with two powered speakers (mid-woofer and tweeter) that will give listeners full, rich, and loud sound for playback. It’s also equipped with four microphones and advanced echo cancellation for superior voice pickup and transmission. Just plug it into your computer’s USB port to obtain instant excellent communication via Skype, Webex, Jabber, or other collaboration/communication tools. Or, just use it to listen to music. No longer do you have to put up with lousy, tinny, low-volume sound from your PC or hunch over the microphone and shout to be heard. What else is new with this cool product? It addresses a vast global market space: corporate/small huddle rooms and offices, small home offices, education applications (distance learning, classrooms, and homeschooling), government, health/medical, and so on. Anyone around the world with a PC is a potential customer. The key for us will be to decide how and where to begin launch activities, and then follow through with our initiatives.

3.    Comprehend, Utilize, and Measure One Aspect of Social Media in Support of These Launches

I believe that social media can play a big role in the success of Revolabs’ growth. Rather than do a broad push across all areas, I want to select one facet of social media, understand it fully, and spend time cultivating it while measuring results. We’re a small (albeit growing) company and do not have the resources to do everything, so we’ll take one aspect and focus our efforts there for the year.

Broadly defined, marketing is the finding, retention, and growth of profitable customers. Retention and growth will come through providing superior products with advanced, customer- and market-defined feature sets that perform flawlessly both out-of-the-box and over time. Finding will develop through many methods:  print/web advertising and articles, industry events and symposia, our website and blog, social media, public relations and the press, customer meetings, and my favorite: word-of-mouth referrals. I am truly excited about our new products and their capabilities and look forward to spreading the news to the world. Who knows, I might just take a soapbox and megaphone at a show and do it the old-fashioned way. No matter how you hear of us, one thing remains certain: I look forward to hearing from you, our customer, throughout this coming year.

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