What Yamaha UC Microphones Are Appropriate For Voice Lift

Author: Tyler Cox



The Top Yamaha UC Microphones For Voice Lift?

With all the recent emphasis on videoconferencing and remote meetings, the importance of clear, crisp audio in the conference room itself can be overlooked. And with social distancing likely to be a factor of workplace meetings for the foreseeable future, the ability to be heard clearly is increasingly important.


Picture a large conference room or campus lecture hall. The room layout is likely to vary for different situations. Meeting participants may be seated several feet apart, making hearing a challenge. Voice levels in a large conference room or auditorium fade with distance, and when combined with background noise, those voices can become inaudible.


The solution? A voice lift system.


Simply put, voice lift refers to using a microphone(s) to amplify or lift one’s voice in a given space. When a system is set up for voice lift audio, speaking into a microphone will cause voices to be broadcast back into the room through the system’s speakers, amplifying it so that everyone in the space can hear them clearly. Voice lift systems are designed so the listener who’s farthest away from the speaker can hear as well as the closest person.


When it comes to audio systems, what’s the best microphone for meetings, lectures, and other situations where voice lift is required? It could be a tabletop microphone or one designed to be installed in the ceiling, but in general, good frequency response is needed. Humans can typically hear sounds in the range of 20Hz-20kHz, so the more of that the microphone can capture, the better.


Although Yamaha Unified Communications offers several different audio systems, not all are suitable for voice lift. Systems designed strictly for audio calls and videoconferencing, for example, feature a limited bandwidth that will introduce distortion outside of that range.


On the other hand, Yamaha UC’s ADECIA ceiling microphone system helps overcome the challenges of hearing speakers in a large conference room. The ADECIA system’s microphone features a frequency response of 160Hz – 16kHz for crystal clear voice reproduction. The ADECIA system features Automatic Audio Tuning capabilities that optimize audio performance for room audio issues such as reverberation characteristics, echo behavior, speaker/mic position, and more.


And Yamaha UC’s HD Single & HD Dual wireless microphone kits are the perfect solution for education, business, and more. The kits feature wireless flexibility for freedom of movement, making them ideal for lecture halls. The microphones are voice-lift enabled, with a frequency response of 50Hz-14 kHz. This solution can also be utilized for virtual sessions, eliminating the need for a headset.


For in-depth information from Yamaha UC on conference room audio, check out this Guide to Conference Room Microphone Setup. Learn more about conference room layouts for different meeting situations by downloading the e-book How to Create an Awesome Conference Room. Check out other Yamaha UC products designed for large conference rooms or boardrooms.