What Revolabs Microphones Are Appropriate For Voice Lift?

Voice lift specifically means the use of a microphone(s) to amplify or lift one’s voice in a given space.  When a system is setup for voice lift speaking into a microphone will cause their voice to be broadcasted back into the room through their speakers essentially amplifying it so that everyone in the space can hear them clearly.

NOT all Revolabs products should be used for voice lift!  The Solo series systems have a limited audio bandwidth.  They were originally designed for standard definition audio and video calls only.  They have a frequency response pattern of 100Hz-6.8 KHz.  Any frequencies that are outside this range will distort the audio as the microphones are not designed to handle those frequencies.

For audio conferencing the audio bandwidth of the standard telephone line is 300Hz-3.6 KHz.  This means that none of the audio artifacts/distortion are heard.  However should you attempt to do voice lift with a Solo series product, when you connect the system to a speaker you will get all the audio; the audio within their frequency response pattern and the artifacts/distortion outside of their range.   Even very low end speakers will have an output capability of 7 KHz or greater so the likelihood you’ll hear the artifacts/distortion is very high.

The Solo Series products include:  Solo Desktop, Solo Executive and the Fusion.   These products are NOT recommended for voice lift.  (Note: While not a part of the Solo series, the Xtag and FLX series should also not be used for voice lift).

With our HD series the microphone elements are designed with a frequency response pattern of 50Hz-14,000 KHz.  The HD microphones can process the entire band eliminating any distortion or artifacts. This is why we recommend the HD series whenever voice lift and/or HD Conferencing is taking place.

-Bryan Adams