Maintain Your Infocomm Certification Status with Revolabs Training

Are you an Infocomm International Certified Technology Specialist? Do you also have your CTS-I (Installation) or CTS-D (Design) certificate? According to Infocomm's website, CTS certifications are awarded for a period of three years. To maintain your certification, you must complete minimum levels of continuing education during each three year period and must reaffirm your commitment to the CTS Code of Ethics and Conduct.  Meeting the renewal requirements for certification demonstrates your ongoing efforts to enhance the knowledge, skills, and abilities required to do your job correctly, and ethically.

To renew your certification, you have to show proof of your continuing education by earning a certain number of Renewal Units (or more commonly known as RUs, which is almost certainly meant to be a pun of Rack Units).  Generally, attending and participating in an all day 8-hour class will earn you something like 4 RUs.  (Teaching that same class might also earn you RUs by the way).  

Many of our readers may have attended one of our all day Revolabs Academy classes and earned 4RUs in one day.  The sad news is that we don't do those Revolabs Academy road tours anymore, but the good news is Revolabs Academy is now online! All of our training and certification programs can be easily accessed on our website, allowing students to start, stop, pause, and complete the courses on their own schedule. The Revolabs Academy is FREE and will leave participants completely prepared to integrate any Revolabs product into any environment.

Revolabs Academy courses cover:

  • Wireless microphone applications
  • Integrating all Revolabs wireless products
  • Maintaining RF stability and avoiding interference
  • Installation, configuration, maintenance, and repair procedures
  • The basics of gain structure, acoustic echo cancellation, noise cancellation, and other DSP and video codec related topics and how they relate to a Revolabs system

The amount of RUs varies per course, please login to see the details as they may change in time.  Currently, the Advanced Product Configuration course offers 4RUs.

In addition, each office/company that has a representative complete the Advanced Product Configuration course will receive a FREE DECT Monitor; a $495 value! *Conditions Apply.

You can also catch a live Revolabs courses, either all day, or for a couple hours at audiovisual industry trade shows.  Here is a list of upcoming events & classes:

Enterprise Connect 2013
March 18-20, 2013
Booth #1722
Gaylord Palms
Orlando, FL, USA

Revolabs Academy - Ascot, UK
Apr 17, 2013
1:00pm - 5:00pm
Sunningdale Park Hotel
Ascot, Berkshire, SL5 0QE, United Kingdom SL5 0QE

To sign up for Revolabs Academy Online, please visit this page

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