Introducing Revolabs Executive Elite Wireless Conferencing System


Earlier this week, we announced our new Executive Elite product at Infocomm 2013.  The Executive Elite is a huge step forward in wireless microphone technology.  It is the result of 8 years of experience in the wireless market for Revolabs, and learning and understanding what our customers are looking for.  We have gone from inception and early requirements gathering, through the full requirements and design phase, through development and now to market introduction. 

If you are a current customer of us, you will see that we have listened to your requirements, covering the requests that our previous products might not have covered.  If you are new to Revolabs you might say “of course that is how a wireless product should look like and function” – and we will be happy to hear that we have covered your requirements right from the start.  If we missed something, please let us also know.

What has changed?  Well, where to start?  “Everything” might be a good answer.  The first thing you will note is the new design of the microphones.  Based on feedback from the market we looked at the design ideas in our previous microphones.  We saw that some of the design was not intuitive to a user – which one is an omni directional mic and which one is a directional mic?  How should I place the microphones on a table?  The new design should clarify this.

While changing the design to simplify the usage of the microphones, we also looked at the overall look and feel.  We wanted to create something that is stylish and does well fit into a board room or conference room, but doesn’t take over the room.  We stayed away from the industrial look a lot of table top microphones have today, and introduced a lighter and more stylish look.

With the 6 inch and 12 inch gooseneck microphone we also add a new microphone type to our family of microphones.  This is based on requests we got from all over the world for this microphone type.  The 12 inch gooseneck has a single bend close to the microphone; the 6 inch gooseneck comes without bend.

You will also notice that the audio on the new Executive Elite system has been significantly improved.  I cannot tell you what our secret sauce is (and I do not have a dog trying to sell our “family recipe” either), but the short is, we looked at every component on the path from the microphone to the audio output at the back of the Executive Elite base DSP unit, and made sure that the best components and the best processes are used to ensure the best audio for your applications.

Talking about the back of the base DSP unit, we added digital audio out to our system.  Whether you want to use the AVB standard or want to use USB audio with your PC multi-channel audio applications – just plug it in!

Looking at the base DSP unit you might wonder where the antennas from the older systems went.  I think this is the biggest difference for integrators and installers using our products, the new (patent pending) distributed architecture of the Executive Elite system.  Antennas are now in a separate enclosure (the Remote Antenna Receiver), communicating over a digital Ethernet connection back to the base DSP.  This enables large installations, distributed installations, and centralized AV room installations while only requiring a normal Ethernet cable between the base DSP and the remote antenna receiver.

As you might guess, I could go on and on, talk about our new cloud based management option, the improvements we have made to firmware management on microphone and base DSP, the extended room control interface, AA batteries in all tabletop microphones, and, and, and… 

But at the end of this, my questions remains - will the market, will our customers, will people who are not yet our customers, will you like it?  Let me know.

Questions? We’d love to help