Blogging From The Booth: Day 1 of Infocomm 2013

The first day at InfoComm is almost over, and as expected, a lot of exciting things have happened.  I will not go into too much detail about the new Executive Elite product – I am sure you have found the pages on our website describing the new product. Data sheets and descriptions are available there now.  We got a lot of interest on this product, and as I expected – I lost my voice talking about it.  What I want to do is talk about the activities we had today.

Tim Root, our CTO, started the day with his presentation in our consultant breakfast.  As far as consultant breakfasts (or consultant meetings in general) go, I understand that ours this morning was very well attended.  Thirty-six were there, and the feedback overall was very good.  We asked before the meeting for issues and problems people have experienced with wireless microphone technology in the past – I think we addressed most, if not all of these.  Hopefully we did not only address these, but also resolve them.  Time will tell…  The Press Conference later was also very well attended.  JP gave a great presentation on the new product, hopefully answering all questions that were on people’s minds.

In between and after the press conference, we needed to hurry down to the trade show floor, always finding the booth crowded.  Seems that word had gotten out before the show that we were launching a new product…  Tons of people wanted to see the distributed architecture and the new mics, specifically the gooseneck microphone.

Now to the more “juicy” details of the day.  I am sure that our Field Sales Engineer Extraordinaire Dave Ward (you might have read some of his blogs here before) will never talk to me again.  What has happened?  Well, a video publisher came to the booth and wanted to get a video statement and someone talking about the product on video.  Well, I do not think that this is my thing, so I asked some other guys in the booth whether they wanted to do it.  I have never seen people leaving our booth so quickly.  So I changed my tactic with the next person.  I just invited him to come with me to see someone.  Well, when he saw the video team it was too late for him to run!  By the way – great job David on the video.  You are a natural for this.

Don’t believe for one second that they didn’t get me back on this.  The next video publisher that came in the booth was provided a very willing Senior Product Manager for the video interview.  Of course, this publisher wanted three different interviews.  Well, visit ravepubs website, and you should see me stumbling through a minute or two of unscripted talk about the product.  Three times.

Other than that, booth-life is fun!  We are busy talking to customers, partners, prospects, and everybody else that stops by.  So if you are at InfoComm in Orlando in the moment, please stop by and say hi as well.

P.S.:  Of course my feet are already hurting.  The first day of the show my feet hurt, the second day of the show my knee join the feet in hurting, and after day three my whole back, legs, and feet will be on fire.  If any of you have a suggestion on how to avoid this, please let me know!

P.P.S.: Mary and Marc just came back from the awards ceremony from Commercial Integrator.  Executive HD MaxSecure did win in the Audio Conferencing Solutions category.  This is the second award for Executive HD MaxSecure this week!

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