Global Operations – Our Overseas Focus

As Revolabs enters it’s eighth year of operations, our primary focus remains, bringing innovative and essential audio solutions to the market and continuous improvement in product quality and customer support. Because of these commitments, Revolabs continues to grow as a company worldwide. A time-honored manufacturer of high-end wireless audio solutions for the audio and video conferencing and unified communication markets, Revolabs engineers its products at our headquarters in Massachusetts. Early on, we established and staffed formal entities in Hong Kong and China to manage the outsourced production of our products and all related logistics. This ultimately set the stage for our global expansion from a sales perspective, into key markets.

Having established a solid foundational business in North America, Revolabs began its regional sale expansion, initially into Europe, followed by APAC (including Australia & New Zealand) then India and the Middle East. The most recent expansion coming in 2012 when we added Japan to our APAC region. Revolabs established formal corporate entities in each region enabling us to establish regional P&L centers and employ folks rather than have contract resources. This has lead to additional credibility for Revolabs as an organization.

In 2012, we took the “next step” in our regional expansion, opening a formal ‘operational” office in the UK. This office supports not only sales but also technical and customer support. The office is fully staffed and maintains inventory to support warrantees, microphone battery replacements, and demo requests.

As we move into 2013, we will continue to strengthen our global presence and support. We are increasing our manufacturing operations team in China in support of our own products as well as products being developed for OEM and strategic partners relationships. As sales continue to grow regionally, we will expand as we have in the UK. In addition, we plan to evaluate our order fulfillment and logistics, ultimately targeting the ability to hub and fulfill all products on a regional basis.

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