Helpful Features of the Revolabs Knowledge Base

On July 3rd of this year Revolabs introduced our new Knowledge Base.  To see it now, go to the top menu of this page, click Support, Knowledge Base (but please come back and finish reading this post!).  While our Knowledge Base (KB) functions very similarly to most KB’s you’ve used in the past, we wanted to point out some lesser known features to our users.

First when you’re viewing an article, you can add a comment directly to this article.   If you find an article to be confusing or hard to follow, this is a great place for you to provide feedback to let us know how we can improve this article.

To leave a comment, simply scroll to the bottom of the article, and use the provided Add Comment field. 

Your comment will be directly applied to the bottom of that article and a Revolabs representative will then review your comment and reply if necessary.   When you leave your comment ONLY your nickname, the subject and the comment itself will be shown, you email address will not be posted to the article.

Next we have the Tools menu.  The Tools menu is located in the upper right hand corner of the Knowledge Base.

There are many great features in the Tools menu to help make the KB easier to use & navigate.

The first feature Add to Favorites allows you to add an article to your favorites list.  This allows you to easily navigate back to an article you’ve marked as a favorite so it is quickly and easily accessible.   Your favorites list can easily be accessed at any time by clicking the Browse menu at the top of the page.  Simply click Browse and then choose My Favorites from the menu.

The next two features are Subscribe to Comments and Subscribe to Updates.   If you made a comment on an article and wish to be notified when any additional comments are posted the Subscribe to Comments feature will allow you to setup an email notification.   If you wish to know when an article has been edited or updated by a Revolabs team member you can use the Subscribe to Updates feature to setup an email notification as well.

The next feature is Rate this Article.  This allows you to rate the articles’ overall effectiveness as a solution to your inquiry.   When you’re viewing any article, click the Tools menu and then Rate this Article. A menu will pop up asking you to choose from one of four options.

Rating an article is a great way to let us know its overall effectiveness.   If you find an article confusing or find it’s missing information please leave us a comment as well to let us know how we can improve upon the article.

The Email to a Friend feature lets you email an article link directly to any email address you provide.  This is a quick and easy way to direct someone to a specific article. 

Lastly the Print this Article feature lets quickly covert a Knowledge Base article to a plain text format that can be easily sent to your printer.  This is a quick and easy way to print out an article to be taken with you should you not have web access.

If you have any questions, please email us at

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