The Whole Wired World Can Now Be Wireless! - Part 2

Earlier this month, we posted this blog about using phantom powered microphones with our wireless XLR transmitters.  We got a great comment back and wanted to address the question using some new photos, read on!

We often get asked the question.  “Can we use our wired boundary microphones with your XLR adapter?” And so far the answer has been, unfortunately not. That is not up until now.

This question came up so many times that we decided to look further into it and bought an off the shelf phantom power unit from Canford Audio to see what we could do.

The Polymer –Lithium rechargeable battery we use in our microphones and adapters has an excellent service life, but at 3.7 volts doesn't’t have enough oomph to provide the power requirements of condenser or other Phantom powered microphones. The principle behind this idea is to use the phantom power unit to provide the voltage these microphones need, and on the output transmit the signal to where it’s needed. Simple! Okay, so it needs to be plugged into the mains, but that doesn't usually represent a problem.

You can even use the Revolabs Always-On charger if you want your existing microphones not only to be wireless, but on all the time.

-Geoff Hellyer

Part 2 Update: On April 28, 2013, a reader named Scott H submitted this great comment


Thank you for addressing this question.

But, I'm not clear if you are saying it's now possible to use wired boundary mics with the XLR adapter or not. Are you saying it's possible with the Canford Audio phantom power unit? Which require each mic to be AC connected?

Thanks for clarifying.

Revolabs' response:

Hi Scott and thanks for taking the time to post back! To clarify we use the Canford phantom power supply in order to provide the wired microphone the power it requires as a condenser microphone and then use our XLR adapter to transmit the audio. This is great for Lectern units or many wired mic applications for that matter. Of course the phantom power supply still needs a mains supply but that's all it needs! Have a look at my photos below at the dual channel phantom unit in our UK test lab and let me know if you need more details.


Geoff Hellyer

Revolabs Inc.

Field Sales Engineer (EMEA)

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