The Truth About 32 – Part 1 of 2

While most will agree that from time to time, a manufacturers’ marketing message, sales pitch or technical specifications might exhibit a certain degree of, shall we say, "Plasticity"; I feel compelled to set the record straight in regards to Revolabs’ ability to support multiple microphones in a single environment.  Since the launch our Executive HD platform in April of 2009, we have stated that we can support up to 32 channels of HD microphones in North America, and up to 40 Internationally.  Even though our website and all our marketing collateral say 32 and 40 channels respectfully, the truth is, sometimes we don't mean it.  Sometimes, we really mean more!

For example, we were recently asked to assist with the design and commissioning of several wireless microphone systems as part of a massive technology upgrade for a multinational company’s US-based Conference Center.  The upgrade would include new audio systems in three conference rooms as well as three combinable, multi-purpose rooms, totaling six large-sized rooms, all within close proximity to one another.

All the rooms needed to accommodate multiple applications and room configurations.  In addition, the specified system had to be easy to use with minimal support for day to day operation.  Audio quality was crucial since the rooms would be used for client facing presentations, audio conferencing and remote collaboration.  And due to the nature of the client's work, security was also a concern.

To determine the feasibility of the proposed system, we coordinated a pre-sales site visit with the integrator and client.  While onsite we reviewed equipment locations, furniture layouts, and performed a “spectrum analysis” of the 1.9 Ghz frequency band to determine the suitability of the RF environment.  As a follow up to the visit, we requested and received a site plan drawing that allowed us to calculate distances between the proposed wireless microphone receiver locations.  
“Spectrum Analysis” with only insignificant RF traffic:

With the information provided via the drawings, “Spectrum Analysis” and site visit, our team was able to create and deliver a formal installation note that included an equipment list (including microphone type recommendations based on room size and configurations), recommended equipment locations, installation instructions and configuration settings.  With so many rooms and wireless microphones being installed, we also recommended that a Revolabs Field Sales Engineer be present for the system commissioning.
Initial Room Breakdown for Revolabs equipment:


If you add up the total number of wireless microphones in the bill of materials (the above spreadsheet), you get a total of 40 microphones = well over our North American specification of 32 channels supported; but as I said earlier, sometimes we mean more…  

This is the end of Part 1 of this two-part blog.  Stay tuned next week and find out how 40 Revolabs wireless microphones were used in one project.


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