Revolabs 2012 - A Year in Review

With most of us involved in end of year planning, you get a chance to take your head out of the daily grind and reflect back on the year that just passed. When you take that time to review the highs and lows of the past year, it's amazing how much happens in the world for what seems like a short amount of time. Memorable moments like the Olympics; Presidential elections; Facebook IPO; a Billion dollar lawsuit awarded to Apple from Samsung paid in nickels; Greece; Microsoft “Surface”; Curiosity Rover on Mars; all capture the attention and interest of many, while events like Super Storm Sandy and the tragedy in Newtown CT. gave us perspective and pause for what is most important.

Within our market place we saw a general slowdown worldwide, due to economic uncertainties in Europe, presidential elections, the vaunted “fiscal cliff”, and the cooling of India and China’s growth from crazy to good. The excitement over video hasn’t changed but there was a pause in the market place, some due to the global environment, but also because of the paradigm shift in technology, delivery and support methods which are being developed to capitalize on the projected demand going forward.

Looking at just Revolabs and reviewing 2012, I am amazed at just how much we’ve accomplished and what we’ve been working towards. I typically focus on the future and how much there is to do however, I’d like to reflect on some of the key accomplishments in 2012 including:

  • Field replaceable batteries for all microphone families
  • GSA supported HD™ products
  • Cisco and Avaya certification of the FLX product
  • Multiple product awards for FLX™ and HD™ product lines
  • Bundled solutions with Lifesize® and Polycom®
  • MaxSecure 256AES Encryption for HD®
  • Many partner programs, including our New Core Reseller program which is designed to ultimately improve the end customer experience of our users
  • FLX OEM announcement in India
  • Ongoing announcements of new prominent partners worldwide
  • The opening of a new European Sales and Support Office just outside London

There are many more that I could mention and yet, much more that I can’t. Overall, I am pleased with our continued effort to improve our products and end customer experience, as well as the experience of our partners, who work with us daily to deliver a great end customer experience. Much of the work we have done in 2012 will not become public until next year but I will save that for later. For now, I wish all our customers a very Happy Holiday and a prosperous New Year!

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