Free Revolabs Academy Training in Bolton UK on December 5, 2012

Come join us in Bolton, UK for a half day of training!

This Revolabs Academy course will cover typical wireless microphone applications as well as applications of the new FLX conferencing phones.  Trainees will learn the best practices for the design, installation, configuration, maintenance, and repair procedures for all of the Revolabs product lines. Attendees will learn the basics of gain structure, acoustic echo cancellation, noise cancellation, and other DSP and video codec related topics and how they relate to a Revolabs system

The Revolabs Academy will also discuss advanced topics like: how many Revolabs HD wireless microphones can be used simultaneously, how to avoid radio frequency (RF) interference and maintain stability, and how to properly set wireless transmission ranges.  Each office/company that has a representative will receive a FREE* DECT Monitor; a $495 value!

*With the purchase of $10,000 of Revolabs products, and a line item for the DECT monitor submitted with the coupon

The Revolabs Academy is

FREE. Here is the registration link: Click here to register now!

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