Audio: Much More than Half of the Conference

There is a long-standing expression in the film industry claiming that "sound is half of the picture."  As an audio professional and film school graduate, I certainly agree.   However, in the context of video and web conferencing, this 50/50 ratio drastically shifts.  As most will acknowledge, you can hold an audio conference without video, but you can't have a successful video conference without audio.  That makes audio much more than half of the conference. 

When you add the limitations and uncertainties of using software-based conferencing applications, such as Skype, Vidyo, WebEx (among many others),  the importance of  audio quality and intelligibility grows even larger.

Even as conferencing technology continues to evolve and change, our need to hear every word remains.


Revolabs offers products that support a wide range of environments and applications, including computer-based conferencing and recording.  Whether it is a single participant working remotely from a laptop, a small conference room with limited technology, or a large boardroom with an integrated system, we have a solution that fits.

For  remote employees (a.k.a. telcommuters), the Revolabs xTag USB  wireless microphone systems free users from their desktops while eliminating the need to wear a headset or bulky transmitter.


The Revolabs FLX Wireless Conference Phone is a great solution for a small to medium- sized conference room and can be integrated with a video conferencing codec, a computer via the USB accessory kit, and even includes Bluetooth connectivity for mobile devices.  The FLX Phone is available in Analog/PSTN and VOIP (Voice Over IP) versions.


For larger boardrooms and high-end clients, the rack-mountable Executive HD system can support up to 32 (Americas and Japan) or 40 (international) microphones.  Integrated with your audio mixer/DSP and control system of choice, the system provides pristine audio quality, integrator friendly hardware, as well as RS232 or TCP/IP based control.


Regardless of the application or environment, all of Revolabs products share these great features:

  • Crystal clear digital audio
  • Freedom of wireless, both in terms of installation and use
  • Flexibility to mix and match microphones to suit a specific environment
  • Easy to use and consistent across all product lines
  • 128bit Security (with 256bit available in Q1)
  • Clean Look with no wires and no drilling into expensive tables
  • Up to 8 hours of talk time between charges

Or, you can stick with your legacy wired solutions . . .


Of course, any product is only as great as the support that accompanies it, and in that category feel free to contact us if you need additional information or support. Revolabs provides a dedicated Support Team, as well as our Field Sales Engineer Team who can help you design the systems.   We also offer Silver and Gold revoCARE packages, where users can add advanced replacement and free battery upgrades for the extended warranty period.  


Questions? We’d love to help