5 Ways to Utilize Revolabs in Houses of Worship This Holiday Season

Happy Hannukah, Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanza, and of course, Happy Festivus: The Holiday For The Rest Of Us.  Yes, the 2012 Holiday Season is officially upon us. For many people, it means gathering for prayer and celebrate with others in various synagogues, churches, temples, or other Houses Of Worship (often abbreviated HOWs in the AV industry, let's have some fun with that).

So HOW have you seen Revolabs fit into this holiday season? HOW can Revolabs help people "hear every word" of their rabbi, priest, minister, or religious leader?  HOW might a layperson or child use Revolabs this month?  

Here are some examples and please feel free to share your own:

  1. For permanent HOW installations, our Executive HD wireless microphone system can be used in everything from ministers (wearable mic, or Countryman adapter) to pulpits (cardioid boundary table mic or XLR adapter on a small mic stand) to altars (omni or cardioid boundary), providing wireless connectivity and a clean signal to the PA system.  The executive HD microphone receivers are often paired with automatic microphone mixers, which work well for the spoken word.
  2. Revolabs can also be used for music, but auto-mixers should be generally avoided as many using gating algorithms. If a solo vocalist is performing and would like the freedom to move around the stage, our XLR adapter is a great way to make that wired mic you typically use in to a wireless one you can use throughout the HOW.
  3. Another big trend in worship facilities is the ear-worn microphones, like the Countryman.  These tiny microphone capsules are hard to see unless you are up close (there are different colors for different skin tones), yet provide an amazing amount of clarity and "gain before feedback" performance.  Revolabs offers a small wireless transmitter for these microphones that the user could easily clip on to a belt , bra,  pocket, robes, or perhaps even a costume in a holiday themed performance
  4. A lot of HOWs want to stream their services "live" to the internet, but don't have the budget for a full-fledged broadcast system.  If a fast, reliable internet connection is available, a Revolabs xTag, HD Single/Dual, or FLX can be combined with a Google+ Hangout and streamed live to YouTube.  If you try this, be sure to use the "Studio Mode" setting on the end with the music and ministers. This will help the audio quality being broadcasted to YouTube and the folks in the Hangout, but requires a lot of bandwidth.  Use a wired Ethernet connection.
  5. Many HOWs have special services just for the holidays, like plays, concerts, or youth events that require larger sound systems.  Some congregations may even host outdoor events depending on the climate where they live.  In these cases, a professional sound company is often hired to provide the extra PA and manpower (and womanpower) needed to make these events happen.  Portable systems like the Revolabs HD Venue can be rented and setup in less than an hour, adding valuable wireless microphone channels to crowded services.

Anyone who has worked in the audio industry knows that December is THE month for last minute requests.  Here is a typical scenario: The phone rings, it’s the local church and they need 16 channels of wireless microphones for their children's play.  They want a mix of lavalieres and boundary microphones, and they want to "test them out" during their technical rehearsals, a week from today.  Can you help them out?

In the old days, the answer would be "sorry, not by Christmas". Today with Revolabs, the answer is YES. 

So, HOW have you seen Revolabs fit in? Please share your own examples!

Questions? We’d love to help