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How The Performance of Your Wireless Microphone Systems Impacts Employee Engagement: The Value of Crystal Clear Vocal Audio

When good audio is doing its job, we don't notice it. We're too engaged in the conversation or dicussion at hand. This article will provide a deep-dive into how the performance of your wireless microp ...


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How to Avoid Glasses Glare During Video Conferences

If you wear glasses daily, and you struggle with annoying glare while on video calls, you're not alone. Get tips on how to avoid light reflection or glare in your glasses during important video confer ...

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Bandwidth Requirements for Good Video Conference Quality

With multiple people working from home under one roof, certain bandwith is required for successful video conference calls. Learn more about the different video conference bandwidth requirements across ...

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How to Improve Video Conference Quality with the Right Lighting

For many of us, working from home isn't going anywhere. If you're still struggling to find the best lighting options for your video calls, we can help. Learn about what types of lighting are best for ...

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Is a 4k Webcam Worth it for Video Conferencing?

We all want to look our best on our work calls. But, is a 4k webcam really necessary? Learn about 4k webcams and how to determine if the improved resolution is worth the extra cost for your particular ...

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Best Backgrounds and Colors to Use for Video Conferencing

If you've ever watched a recording of yourself on a conference call and said, "I wish I didn't wear that," or "I didn't realize you could see that in the background," this article is for you. Learn ab ...

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How to Blur Background in Different Video Conference Platforms

What's that in the background? If you want to avoid being asked this question while you're on your conference calls, read this article and learn how to blur the background in different video conferenc ...

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How to Record a College Lecture the Right Way

More and more college students are listening to their college lectures whenever it's convenient for them. We cover the best ways to go about recording college lecture audio and ensuring you have the p ...

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Managing Background Noise in the Classroom

These days, teachers are competing against endless distractions for students' attention - their cell phones, friends, and room background noise. Learn how to manage background noise in the classroom w ...

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How to Improve Classroom Acoustics

Classroom acousitcs plays an incredibly important role in education. Bad acoustics can create a near impossible learning environment. Learn how to improve acoustics in the classroom with different mat ...

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Choosing the Right Microphone Audio System for Lecture Halls & Auditoriums

Need to figure out the best way to mic professors at a university? This article takes a deep dive into the different microphone options for professors and educational speakers, and how to select the b ...

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