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K-12 Education Technology: Audio Solutions for the K-12 Classroom

Audio quality plays a critical role in facilitating communication with students – especially in today’s unique hybrid and remote environments. With education technology tools to enhance classroom audio, K-12 students have shown improved attention, increased classroom participation, fewer discipline issues and improved academic success.

K-12 Education technology has been an area of focus for Yamaha UC since the beginning. With over 130 years in the business of audio, Yamaha brings unique and innovative solutions to K-12 classroom audio - whether it be in-person, hybrid or remote learning.


Dean's List Discount

Through the Dean’s List program, all U.S.-based K-12 schools and other qualified institutions will be able to experience Yamaha quality at reduced pricing.

NEW! Education eBook: Learning Starts With Audio

In this e-book, we’ve outlined why audio is important in learning settings, popular use cases for implementing enhanced audio and our recommendations for a natural, high-quality experience.

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Yamaha's New ADECIA Solution provides a complete classroom microphone & speaker solution perfect for educational institutions.

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