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Healthcare Technology: Audio and Telehealth Solutions for Hospitals and Healthcare

Clear and reliable audio quality plays a critical role in facilitating effective telehealth communication with patients – especially in today’s unique healthcare environments. With health technology tools to enable virtual care in hospitals and medical offices, medical professionals can save time on administrative tasks, and patients, doctors, and nurses can remain safe and HIPAA compliant.

Healthcare technology has been an area of focus for Yamaha UC since the beginning. With over 130 years in the business of audio, Yamaha brings unique and innovative solutions to healthcare audio - whether it be in-person, hybrid or virtual patient care..

Healthcare Audio Solutions Recommendations

From our portable USB & Bluetooth Conference Phone to our Dual Wireless Microphone Systems, Yamaha's healthcare and teleheath audio solutions are safe, secure, and compliant. 

Mobile Carts
(Up to 4 People)




Portable USB & Bluetooth Speakerphone enabling natural & reliable communication with patients and doctors on mobile medicine carts in hospitals and patient care facilities. 

Mobile Carts
(4 to 10 People)




USB & Bluetooth Speakerphone with innovative SoundCap technology helping to eliminate background noise so far-end patients can be heard by doctors and medical professionals during a teleheath appointment.

Medical School
(10 to 40 People)

    Wireless Microphone Systems


Revolabs HD Dual

Portable plug-and-play design, birdirectional audio, simple setup, and superior HD sound quality for in-person or virtual demonstrations in medical school.

Protecting Patient Conversations

Whether virtual telelhealth appointments or in-office, HIPAA still applies. Our VSP-2 Speech Privacy System uses a natural combination of sounds to mask speech from the external, accidental listener - so you can stay compliant, wherever the appointment is held.

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