Video Sound Collaboration Systems for Huddle Rooms


Video Sound Collaboration Systems for Huddle Rooms Use Case 1

Equip your huddle room with best-in-class audio, video, and screen-sharing capabilities with this all-in-one video conferencing system. Designed with smaller spaces in mind, this wall-mounted system features ultra-wideband audio and high-quality video to bring spectacular clarity to all of your communication and collaboration needs. Integrated remote management capability makes it easier than ever for your IT department to remotely monitor, manage, and upgrade huddle room installations.

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Managing up to hundreds of huddle rooms is a challenge for any IT department. The Yamaha CS-700 enables remote monitoring and management of the units as well as configuring units in bulk. Upgrade them remotely and automatically through the IP interface. Managing technology in the huddle room just became way simpler!


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amazing product, amazing Support!
Reviewed on 3/17/2021

Georgia Military College has been using the CS-700 for the past 2 years in both our classrooms and in our conference rooms and are adding 18 more this year. the 120 degree camera is amazing, sharp clear picture with real high def clarity. the speakers in this are world class, but the Echo canceling microphone array that part is just amazing. we recently have just installed our first wireless extension mic to the cs-700 and again i was wowed. even better then this product itself is the support behind it, my first experience was following an email that I sent in via the web site, I expected that some time in 48 hours some one would send me back and e-mail, but that was not at all what happened, Joe called me up from there U.S. based office and talked to me for about an 40 minutes about the product and when more would be shipped as there was a shortage of them at that time, he then emailed me and gave me his contact info in case I needed anything else. my second call I made was to the customer support number , I waited about 3 minutes on hold and got some one else from the same office as Joe, who walked me thru the minor issue that I was having caused by a dip switch in the wrong position on the extension mic and was happy to discus there products capabilities and what my project plans were for them. we chatted for 45 minutes. Yamaha has just built a relationship with me as a customer that will last. I spent a good 20 minutes of my time writing up this review for a reason, they have earned it, try out the CS-700 and the extension mics, you will not be disappointed,

Does more than just Conference Rooms
Reviewed on 8/14/2020

As an A/V engineer I was tasked to come up with low cost solutions to get K-12 and Higher Education classrooms online and ready to teach remotely for social distancing. I was sent the CS-700 as a demo. by combining a series of mounts together I was able to come up with a way to take this bar and mount it above the projector that was typically already in these various classrooms. From there we did a series of tests to see how well the video and audio would work with various VTC software. We discovered that this bar worked perfectly in the small to medium size classrooms there the camera could remain fixed in one shot. We found that mounting it high eliminated glare on white boards so students could see what a teacher/professor was writing as long as they used new black markers. The sound picked up clear for the instructor even if they walked behind the camera. This was the absolute perfect solution that no other all in one solution could provide. I give it 5 stars +++ Thank you to Greg Carswell with Yamaha for all he did to support me with this.

CS 7000 just works
Reviewed on 6/24/2020

The Yamaha CS 700 is a great AV Sound bar that has an excellent camera but where is stands out with the Audio. If you can't hear in a video conference the call is worthless or distracting. The microphone pick up great for a small to medium sized conference room. The wireless microphone allows this to work great in Medium sized rooms. The Sip integration removes the need for a phone in these rooms.Yamaha does it again.