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As remote collaboration increases around the world, clients need to be prepared to handle the major communication platforms, and then switch between them on a dime. Thankfully, with Yamaha UC's long list of partnerships, collaboration across platforms is simple. 

What is Barco ClickShare

Barco develops a wide range of communication, display, and image processing solutions. Barco ClickShare Conference brings wireless conferencing, a revolutionary workplace experience. It combines powerful remote communication with easy-to-use wireless collaboration, in any meeting space.  Just bring your own meeting and start a videocall from your laptop with the Unified Communication platform of your choice. Automatically you connect wirelessly to room cameras, speakerphones, sound bars for a more immersive meeting. In less than 7 seconds you conference, collaborate and click with this secure, connected and cloud managed solution.

Why We Chose to Partner with Barco

The best digital collaboration tools are fluid and adaptable, bridging the gap between users so they can connect in a wide variety of scenarios. At Yamaha UC, we want to make this process as user-friendly and straightforward as possible. Barco's wireless conferencing solutions deliver a streamlined experience that brings teams together anywhere in the world. You just plug in and join the meeting. 

For more information about how to connect Yamaha UC and Barco products, visit our Knowledge Base, search by product, or contact our expert support staff.


Looking for the full solution? This powerful combination has been tested to work seamlessly together and makes remote collaboration easier and more natural than ever before.
Featuring: Yamaha, Barco, Huddly + LG

Barco ClickShare Conference + Yamaha Speakerphone Recommendations

These combinations have been tested to work seamlessly together and makes remote collaboration easier and more natural than ever before. Just bring your own meeting with your choice of UC platforms and in a matter of seconds you are connected with your colleagues.

With high quality configurations available for every meeting room size, gain the flexibility and scalability you need in today’s digital workspace!


Small Meeting Rooms
(Up to 4 People)

YVC-200 + ClickShare CX-20


Portable USB & Bluetooth Speakerphone enabling natural & reliable communication.
ClickShare CX-20
Seamless wireless conferencing making meetings more inspiring and more productive.

Medium Meeting Room
(4 to 10 People)

YVC-330 + ClickShare CX-30

USB & Bluetooth Speakerphone with innovative SoundCap technology helping to eliminate background noise so far-end participants can focus on the conversation at hand.
ClickShare CX-30
Enjoy interactive meetings with remote participants using touch back, annotation and blackboarding capabilities.

Large Meeting Room
(8 to 40 People)

YVC-1000 + ClickShare CX-50

Mic & Speaker System designed to support 2 external speakers and 5 daisy-chained microphones, it’s the perfect scalable solution.
ClickShare CX-50
Interact, discuss, collaborate with remote participants in superior AV quality driving multi-content sharing.