Yamaha Unified Communications partners with companies from around the world to create versatile, industry-leading products and solutions.

Our full line of FLX UC conference phones are fully interoperable with BlueJeans. This integration allows conference participants to have the highest quality audio experience from huddle rooms to conference rooms and boardrooms. 
Yamaha Unified Communications is a member of the BroadSoft Solutions Partner Program. Our FLX UC conference phones have passed all BroadSoft Interoperability Testing. Customers who choose our products can be confident they will run seamlessly with Broadsoft-based platforms.
Yamaha Unified Communications is a member of the Crestron® Integrated Partner Program. Our wireless microphone systems have been tested and certified to run seamlessly in Crestron environments. Customers who choose our solutions can be confident they will perform to the highest specifications when integrated with Crestron room systems.
The Revolabs FLX UC 500 USB conference phone is fully integrated and interoperable with Google Chrome devices for meetings, a high definition video conferencing system for conference rooms big and small. The integration ensures call functions are synchronized between the conference phone and the Chrome devices for meeting solutions, allowing conference participants to use either interface to answer and hang up a call, adjust the speaker volume, and turn mute on and off.
The Yamaha YVC-1000MS microphone and speaker system has passed Skype for Business' stringent Certification Version 3 tests, meeting the high standards that define the Skype for Business meeting experience with natural, clear audio. With the introduction of the Yamaha YVC-1000MS, users will optimize Skype for Business meetings that take place in large spaces.
The FLX UC 500 and FLX UC 1000 are supported devices for all VidyoRoom Gen 3 products and the FLX2 wireless conference phone is a supported device for VidyoRoom Gen 2 and Gen 3 products.
Yamaha Unified Communications is a proud Zoom technology partner. Our full line of FLX UC conference phones are certified for Zoom Rooms ensuring synchronization across both the conference phones and the Zoom Room iPad controller. The integration allows conference participants to control the speaker volume and mute status using either the conference phone or the Zoom Rooms interface.