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The YVC-1000MS has been specifically designed to work seamlessly with the Teams remote video conferencing solution to allow participants to get meetings started quickly with audio optimized to their room’s conditions.

 Microsoft Teams and Yamaha Recommendations:

The YVC-100 is a flexible, scalable solution, featuring a separate intelligent microphone and full-range speaker unit to accommodate a wide variety of room sizes and layouts. With adaptive echo cancellation technology and auto-tune set up, you can be sure to provide the most enhanced Microsoft Teams meeting experience. Plus, the YVC-1000MS includes additional inputs that allow it to scale to small, medium, or large rooms.

Small - Medium - Large Meeting Room
(2 to 40 People)


Mic & Speaker System designed to support 2 external speakers and 5 daisy-chained microphones, it’s the perfect scalable solution.

What is Microsoft Teams

With more than 145 million active users, Microsoft Teams is the world’s leading collaboration and communication platform to help teams stay organized and connected. Teams powers both on-the-spot calls and important scheduled meetings, and can include up to 1000 active participants. It provides a seamless meeting experience, whether it’s remote, in-person at a conference room, or a hybrid combination of both. Achieve a best-in-class audio experience in any meeting environment by combining your Teams meeting with the Yamaha YVC-1000MS.

Why We Chose to Partner with Microsoft Teams

A ground-breaking enterprise and education solutions development partnership requires both a deep understanding of global use cases and a shared vision for success. At Yamaha UC, we believe that best-in-class audio and plug-and-play simplicity are the keys to effective meeting experiences. Microsoft Teams shares our vision. Together, we’re simplifying the meeting experience for enterprise teams in meeting rooms everywhere.


For more information about how to connect Yamaha UC products and Microsoft Teams, visit our Knowledge Base, search by product, or contact our expert support staff.